The Story – Paint Cans and Politics the Documentary Film

Image of graffiti writer TRDL featured in this Documentary FilmWhen the enigmatic, ubiquitous emblem of a tagger known as TRDL appeared across Detroit’s scarred cityscape, both a mystery and a controversy were born.

Who was this fearless graffitist, and who did the city belong to – those who owned buildings and bridges, or those who fought to survive within it?

Paint Cans And Politics delves deep into the graffiti underground to explore a vibrant, tense creative subculture where a tag is a brave assertion of individual identity—and where the response from politicians and law enforcement is swift and severe.

PCP takes viewers on a guided tour of the captivating hidden world of TRDL and his colleagues, as well as through the minds and methods of those dedicated to stopping them.

People Appearing in the Film:
Mayor Jerome Kavanaugh, Governor Romney, John F. Kennedy, Mayor Dennis Archer, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Governor Jennifer Granholm, Prosecutor Michael Duggan, Prosecutor Michael Conner, Prosecutor Christopher Coyle, Lt. John Simon, MC Search, Phat Kat, Sean “p-diddy” Combs, Jesse Jackson, Governor Howard Dean, Rep. Dick Gephart, Anthony DG Smith (Tony Smith), Commander Higdon, Tango, Deville, Sgt. Faulk, Reporter Ben Schmitt, Kary Moss, Dr. Robert Holmont, Aaron Timlin, HUgh Timlin, Tom Thews, Rons Zakrin, Micheal Welch, Paul Alaga, Ronald Scherz, Koby Solomon, Tristian Eaton,

Organizations Appearing in the Film:
City of Detroit, ACLU, Detroit Police Department, Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, The Bronx Bar,

Graffiti Writers/Paintings/Artwork Shown in Film:
Army, Gram, Iges, Tead, Coupe, Coup, Cooper, Turtle, TRDL, TRTL, Dead CRACKHEAD, Skrew, Eggs, Abort, Sensi, Irate, Pluto, Four, Teader, Sevh, Fosik, Story, Stori, Arys, KNEECap MAN, BAsk, Bansky, Peru, Grim, Money, Kosek, Tris, Fel 3000, Snafu, Gameboy,

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